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Resilience is a theme for this month and today we are looking at what Emotional Resilience is.

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I want to share with you what I’ve done to keep going when challenges come our way or we have tough times.  How do we keep going and be resilient?

What is Emotional Resilience?

It’s about our ability to deal with situations in life, how easily we can bounce back.  Clients come to me when they’ve “had it up to here” or “can’t take any more”.  That means your emotional levels are full up.  I talk about an emotional bucket and how stress, anxiety, pressure can build up.  They can come from self-doubt, shame, embarrassment too.  It might be about the way we are treated or how we talk to ourselves.

It can affect our ability to cope.  I explain how this can affect me personally on the podcast.

This bucket of negativity can sometimes fill up quickly or take quite a while.  The speed at which your bucket fills up, is not the issue, my concern is how full it is,  and what we can do about it.

We need to be able to balance our emotions with both positive and negative feelings and circumstances.

How Do We Know if Our Emotional Bucket is Full?

It’s much more than overwhelm.  When your bucket is full, we feel it all the time.  Or, it can take a tiny thing to tip us over the edge.  Anger bursts out.  Tears overflow. If you often feel worried or nervous, frustrated, sad, irritable, angry, scared, upset, overwhelmed, inadequate or even wanting to escape, then it’s likely that your emotional bucket is overflowing.

What’s a Good Balance?

If your bucket is too empty, then that’s not going to be great either.  If this is the case then you might feel low, fed up, tired all the time, bored, negative, nervous, anxious or even depressed.  An empty bucket can also drain those around you too.

(sorry for all the doom and gloom – things can get better – honest!!)

We need our buckets to be somewhere in the middle, just right.  That way we can be happier, more comfortable about ourselves, staff, colleagues, clients.  We can think more clearly, make better decisions and generally enjoy life more.

What Helps to Maintain Emotional Resilience?

We need to make sure we’ve got enough good things going on in our lives to be able have the balance.  To have positive times and situations, opportunities that are fun and good for us.  Also to have tools in our toolkit that we can use to reset the balance of those emotions.

11.0m  I talk about one particular thing that really makes me smile!

Spend some time over the course of a week, noticing what lifts you up, brightens your day.  What small things are in your life that help you feel good.  What drags you down and adds to negativity?  Notice those.

Then come back over the next few weeks and listen to future episodes where I dive deeper and give more information on resilience and tools you can use to develop your emotional resilience.

If you want to talk about working with me to help this, then book a call or look at how to work with me.  

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