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I’m talking today about January Blues.

The 3rd Monday in January is known as Blue Monday. Apparently this is because this is the time that credit card bills have come in, we realise how much we’ve spent on Christmas. The weather is cold and wet and dark and then it’s not just the day that is doom and gloom, it’s often our mood too.

So how you can get through the blue and gloomy days.

Have something to Look Forward To. 

It’s often a time when people look at booking holidays or even moving house! Creating a feeling of anticipation with what we are looking forward to means we feel excited and then naturally release endorphins, the feel good chemical. 

Be More Active. 

I know the gyms are full of New Year resolution people but you don’t have to do that. Exercise definitely boosts your mood so even just getting out for a walk at lunchtime when there’s more daylight can be helpful. Again it releases the feel good chemicals.

Meet Friends. 

Although we might feel like we want to stay in and hibernate we need social interaction. We are meant to be around people. You don’t necessarily need a big party or group, but meeting friends, talking and laughing is a create mood enhancer.

Look After Yourself – inside and out. 

You’ve probably just spend around a month eating rubbish, cheese and chocolate – I know I have!  Reality is that those kinds of diets leave us feeling sluggish and that doesn’t help our mood either. Some say that the gut is important as the brain on our mood. So get yourself back to nourishing yourself from the inside and cut out the chocolate, sugars and rubbish. It doesn’t have to be salad (it’s far too cold for that) it doesn’t have to be restrictive either (otherwise you’ll just crave it) but it can still be food that is good for you.

Look for Positives

I’m beginning to notice a little bit of lightness in the day. My daughter comes home from school around 4pm most days and I’m beginning to see a bit of brightness at that time. I can already how the days are getting longer. Even if it’s just a little. It all helps to give a bit of positivity.

If you’ve listened for a while, you’ll know that I’m big on looking at things that raise your positivity. Find small things in your day that you can be pleased about. They don’t have to be super fantastic, just little things that brighten or give you something to be thankful for. Write them down on a regular basis too so that you can see the positivity increasing, even if feels like a rubbish day, there’s evidence to remind you that it’s not all bad.


When I walk Charlie, even if it’s cold and wet and I’m there with my hat and gloves and wet gear, I still make eye contact, smile at people and say hello. It’s surprising how one smile can go a long way to make both you and the other person feel better.

If you’re still struggling to feel positive then get in touch and book a call then we can talk about how I can help you.

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